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The wire of problems [ Windows XP - Windows Millenium ]


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Ok . I'll start a new topic with my bad luck wich happened in the morning at a friend wich bought a new PC .
1. He bought a new PC ( Athlon XP 1700+ - 512 DDR ..) and wanted to install XP on it . I've did it and converted the partiotions on NTFS ( thinking will remain ) but he didn't like it cause some older prog. wouldn't run even in compatibility mode ( Mapsys .. )

2. I've tried to format C: but didn't worked .. it wouln't be possible without converting to FAT ( with FDISK I've done that ) .. Installed Windows Me on it but problems appeared :

1. HDD Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm was recognized only as 2 GB ! :yes: ( what happened ? ) :no:
2. I've made a partition on Windows XP ( E: ) with Partition Magic 8.0 but dissapeared after converting to FAT ( simple )
3. I've thought I can manage drives with Partition Magic 8.0 under Me after, but PM8 told me C: was not recognized as a drive and couldn't start .. :no:

And I have another particular question :
- with UTP - setup ( for LAN ) is the same as with - BNC wires - ?

I left from my friend dissapointed cause I've damaged it's machine , but in this weeks I must rebuilt it and hope will work perfect ( God bless ) .. Any help would be great ! Thanks a lot .. :rolleyes:


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First, I'd advise you convince your friend that he needs to either upgrade his program that isn't compatible, or find another one altogether. Tell him he needs to do this because he does not want Windows ME. I would rather run Windows 95 than ME!

As for the 40GB hard drive, have you checked in the BIOS for hard disk info? It sounds like you've got 38 gigs of space that is completely unallocated. If you can't figure anything out, boot up to the XP disc and use its formatting and partitioning utilities to fix this. That space hasn't just gone away, you just have to find it. Sounds like all these file system conversions that you've made have really screwed things up. If I were you, I'd run the utilities, delete all partitions, create one or two, and install your OS (XP please!) on C:. Good luck!


Is this a Manufactured pc ??? if so all you should have to do is delete the partitions, put the recovery cd in and reboot - it will then put it back to default ..

if that don't help I would suggest you call tech support of the manufacturer he bought it from and ask them ... Don't tell them that you tried to put another OS in though, that will void the warantee ..


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I realised ( after ) / remembered that FAT ( simple ) partition can " take " maximum 2 GB space .. probably these are the facts .. I'll delete all the partitions - build one or two ( with FDISK ) on FAT 32 and then see what happends .. The PC must use Windows 9x or Me for some compatibilities with some other older progs .. Thanks a lot , I'll come with questions if problems will appear ..

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