The Wager That Will Produce Some Interesting Pictures


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8 Apr 2005
OK so I made a bet with my soon to be father in law a little over a month ago now. I mentioned how I wanted to drop 5-10 pounds before the wedding, and all the sudden next thing I know we are talking about who could lose more within the few months we have left. We had an initial weigh in that day, have a weigh in each weekend, and the final weigh in is June 9th.

The loser, which is defined by who loses the least amount of weight by June 9th, has to wear a skirt, fishnet stockings (both picked out by Erica and her mom btw), and a T-Shirt for the other team (A Red Sox Tshirt for me, a Yankees Tshirt for him), on a bus trip which we are going on July 21st. The bus trip will be packed with 50+ people, all getting HAMMERED the way down and during our stay in Boston. His idea, because he's a pansy (lol), was the skirt is removed inside the stadium but is worn everywhere else. The loser will have to wear the skirt on the bus, around town, in the bars and serve the winner all day long.

As of right now, I'm ahead of him by 4 pounds :D

Stay tuned for details and pictures of the event :p
There's something wrong with the two of you...

I think we know EXACTLY what's wrong with these blokes m8.
so it does run in the family then? :eek:
walking around wearing a only a tie is likely to get someone arrested :D
Har, you guys are funny. Trust me, I don't want to lose.

If it is a tie we both have to do it, but I doubt that will happen :eek:
*roots for a tie*

and make sure you take (and post) many pictures :)
Pictures will be taken and posted, no worries :)

Either way should make for a fun day, it's the day after my birthday too :eek:
His idea, because he's a pansy (lol), was the skirt is removed inside the stadium...
I sure hope there won't be pictures of that...

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