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The TRON 2.0 Thread



I'm going out to buy TRON 2.0 tonight on the way to work. I can't find much bad being said about it. The only thing I've heard that I don't like is it's based on the Jupiter engine. I played NOLF2 and really did not like the "feel" of Jupiter. It was not solid feeling like Quake3 or Unreal 2003. I always had problems with the mouse - never being able to get a smooth pixel by pixel scroll with it.

I never tried the demo, but the screenshots look really cool.

I hear it's a "different" style of first person shooter, and many are happy that something a little different has been doon with a FPS.

Well..... :D I should have it when I get home in the morning.

It's a $49 game, but I just heard it's $39 at Best Buy right now and they have a ton of copies.

I also hear that if you have > 2Ghz and a 9700 or 9800 video card (like me :D) then you can jack up FSAA and Ansiotropic Filtering all the way in the drivers and TRON 2.0 will play completly fluid.

Everyone seems to love this game.... I can't wait.

Gamespy just put up a good review of the game:

While TRON 2.0 looks like a first-person shooter, it's safe to say it's unlike any shooter you've ever played… which is both good and bad. In many ways, it's almost an RPG; playing through the tutorial and reading the in-game help files is time well spent, as they teach the basics of interacting with the computer world, managing your inventory, and upgrading your digitized Jet. As you play, you'll acquire "build points," which allow you to "upgrade" yourself in a style similar to No One Lives Forever 2, allowing you to increase your base health, processing speed and other abilities.

Numerous characters help Jet out in TRON 2.0.

Additionally, while most shooters allow you to run around picking up weapons, armor and items at will, TRON 2.0 contains an interesting system that weaves all of these elements together. There are four base weapons (including TRON's iconic disc), and upgrades for these weapons -- as well as armor and special abilities -- can be found throughout the world in the form of "subroutines",
I have been playing the demo for a while now. I really like it. I won't be able to get the game until this weekend, but when I do I'll be sitting in front of this screen for a while :)


Does the game have multiplayer or is it pretty much single player? And if it does have multiplayer does it have a bike game like in the bike scene in the movie?


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Originally posted by jmole
Does the game have multiplayer or is it pretty much single player? And if it does have multiplayer does it have a bike game like in the bike scene in the movie?
there is a multiplayer lightcycle demo out now you can try... it should have been psoted in the game posts on main page of this site or somewhere in the forums... do a search for it and you will get link... :)

pretty basic and crap imo.. but some like it...

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