The Smallest PC in the world ...



Check out this link .. I would'nt mind having one - I would turn it into a server for my home network :D


Wow. Those things are cool.

You could get a flat screen monitor and use it as a laptop and a desktop. Only one thing could make it cooler - a DVD-ROM drive.

Anyone know how much they sell for?


Here the manufacturer site with some more info on it as well as a couple of newer versions ..


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So how big is it? I mean I know they got a pen beside it, but at UMIST they have got a Giant Pencil Room, they use the giant pencils to make things look smaller in pictures.

Nick M

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Originally posted by spikemic
is that what all the girls say?
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

haha :D left yourself open and was all to easy...... :rolleyes:

Fine. You win, it was left open and too easy :)

....the ones that have seen have not said that, mouth was too full...

Now, back on topic of the thread...

I still think the PC is too small. I would have it being dropped off my desk all the time, like my router. Poor thing. I'm waiting till it breaks so I can get a wireless one :)

I like my...30 or so pound computer.

I have to weight it, see how much it actually is.


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The size is 8x7x3. That means no HD capacity, on board everything, costs like a laptop, and way too much heat. The power supply is a brick that sits on the floor.

The company I work for was buying something like them from HP. 10x10x4. They stopped. Failure rates were horrendous and they were getting stolen in quantity...

You'd be better off with a laptop.

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