The Sims 3 anyone?


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I've been debating whether to get this game or not. I was wondering if anyone here had a chance to play it? I've heard that the game isn't that special. It's a pretty expensive game so if its no good then I'd rather save all that money and stick to The Sims 2.
I don't even think it could run on this computer anyway, considering the fact that its over 6 years old!

Anyway, back to the point. Has anyone played this game? Is it worth buying?



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I've played it and enjoy it. I don't know what type of gaming you're into so can't recommed it or tell you to stay away from it.

It's the same as Sim 1 and 2 but better.

Great review, eh?:p


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Haha, amazing review ! :)

Mostly into just building - cause I'm a nerd like that. Like to build the creations that come into my head. Rarely actually move people into them. I mostly just like the architecture aspect of the game.


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Not too sure about the game itself since I haven't played it, but you can go to one of these sites and it should give you a good indication as to whether or not you can run that game. :)

YouGamers: PC Game Reviews, Previews, News, Articles, System Requirements and the Game-o-Meter

Can You RUN It?

I know some people that use it for machinima, so it stands to reason that building (i.e. "set design") would be a crucial aspect of it.

Generally what I hear is that in some aspects it's a lot better and fluid, with more options. I neither care nor am interested in that, so what aspects and options they refer to exactly, I couldn't say. So it might be worth your time to search other forums to see if you can get any specifics.

The game is still in its infancy with regards to content and expansions, so if you're not into the game for the "story" or the character progression (etc) maybe you should hold off on it for now? The Sims 2 has a lot more custom content, so you'd probably get more fulfillment from that game at this point. There are lots of great sites out there where people upload their own custom content -- you can build structures inspired by Art Deco or build something more gritty and run-down. You're probably aware of these sites, but if not, let me know and I'll send some links your way.

Keep in mind that there are other ways by which you can take a "test run" of the game if you're not entirely sold on it yet, heheh... ;)


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Haha, amazing review ! :)

Mostly into just building - cause I'm a nerd like that. Like to build the creations that come into my head. Rarely actually move people into them. I mostly just like the architecture aspect of the game.
Doesn't sound like Sims3 would be for you then. Not only do you create a home for your Sims but you create your Sims. They have to be active and interact with other Sims in the game or they die :(


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The only reason I don't have Sims 3 is because I would get totally addicted to it! I remember when I was glued to Sims 2 and well, it took weeks to "wean" myself away from it. ;)


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Thanks everyone for all of the help :)

I think I'll just stick to The Sims 2. My computer can't even run The Sims 3, sucks. :(
I'll wait until I win the lottery and buy a new computer :) - That's when I'll buy the game, haha.
I think they added a lot of cool features and upgrades to the Sims 3 allowing you to participate in so many events going on around your town. I actually had to make my Sims have a "Very Long" lifespan in order for me to enjoy them all! It's a very fun game but unfortunately my computer is too slow/graphics card really sucks so I can't really enjoy the game. :\

So I guess I'm in the same boat as you. :p The Sims 2 is fun anyway, who needs the third one? ;)


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Yeah, I'm gunna stick with The Sims 2 - seeing as though I already have some troubles running that. I doubt The Sims 3 would even install! LOL.
I need a better computer!
(I should drop some birthday/Christmas hints ;) haha)

Thanks for the help :)

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