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The Security of MSN


~Author in Waiting~
I was just wondering if anybody else has heard the rumour that MSN is a perfect way for people to access your computer illegally? I've heard of peoples harddrives being wiped by virus' and alike, does anybody know if this rumour has any foundation?
Not true. Unless you're using the leaked pre-release version of MSNM 7.0, you shouldn't have a problem.

Of course, if someone on your contact list sends you a virus and you open it without knowing what it is, it's obviously going to cause havoc. Similarly, you could give an unknown person access to your machine by allowing a remote desktop connection to be established. But I'd consider both of those cases to be the fault of the user rather than a security issue with the software itself.


~Author in Waiting~
Ah right, thank you very kindly for that.

So the rumour that once you are talking to somebody via MSN they can use security loop holes to access your computer is only a rumour?

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