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The Screen Savers


Dabba Dooba
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Hey i was wondering if we can start a thread about what happend on the every new episode of The Screen Savers? I don't have Tech Tv but when i go to my g/fs house i sometimes watch it like today i did and i watched i show yesterday or somethin bout the 5 dark things of tech or whatever.

We dont have to or nothin but maybe people would like to talk and stuff they saw on the show. Like i said we dont have to but yeah...


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I watch the show on occasion. I find that's it's best for computer users with novice to intermediate experience. They actually have an archive on TechTV's website with info on every episode that's ever aired... so if you miss the show you can check out what was covered.


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I miss Jessica...But I enjoy watching her on Tech Live ( dunno , something about redheads) <sigh> Kevin usually has a lot of interesting programs that are walking a wire.


Dabba Dooba
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Yeah i like Kevin and his friend i unno his name but he is on The Broken Episodes. I think Jessica is hot too and so is Sarah :). I think its stupid that they had machines to destory cds i mean why go back from $119 to i think $1300 or whatever on somethin u can do yourself. Anyway i hope this thread stays alive i guess it can be more of anything about the show. Peace

Ded Morozh

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I like the screensavers, not really to learn anything new, but sometimes they find stuff that i haven't seen yet.

I don't mind Patrick or Kevin, Sarah is alright, but I am thrilled to itty bitty bits that Jessica is off the show. I don't know what it was, but I thought she was just too much like window dressing, not too into the whole intarweb thing. Sarah might be a little overwhelmed, but at least she seems enthusiastic about it.

Also...... MMMmmmm Laura Swisher, not on TechTv so much, but she's funny and not hard on the eyes. Ears, yes. Eyes, no.
Yeah, I watched The ScreenSavers a couple of times over spring break when I was at home. Thought it was a pretty neat show...even more so when you compare it to all the other junk that's on TV these days (read: reality shows etc). Can't really watch it while I'm here at uni though...no time, and no TV either.

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I take that personally ;)

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