The Rosetta Project.

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I saw this on a Hebrew news site, and think it is one of the coolest uses of modern technology:

Sadly in the next century 50 till 90 present of the 7000 languages spoken today will disappear.
As some of those languages are spoken by a decreasing amount of aged people whose children choose, because of economical and political circumstances, to speak the official language of their country or english.

"The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers working to develop a contemporary version of the historic Rosetta Stone"

The new Rosetta stone (Named after the one found next to Napoleons troupes and raveled the world the ancient Egyptian writings) is a 3 inch Nickel disk, currently containing 1,445 languages.

So people if you know a ( real ) language that you think will be forgotten in the next century, hurry up and visit: .

( Iceman go and teach them Kujan or what ever you call it :D )
its a great idea, i am sure as we become more zoned in on english, spanish, etc... others will die off. Sad to see, thank god we still have latin.
Very good Idea. Very very good. But it saddens me to see that languages are fading off into nothing. That's really upsetting; because as the languages go away; the people's cultures go also; and I find it very nice when someone follows their own unique culture; and doesn't ruthlessly confrom to the rest of society.