The real reason Hitler broke down

"How the f*** could this OF happened?"

He deserved to have his console banned purely for such awful grammar! And who spells damned as "damed"? Judi Dench?

Very funny though :)
Thats awesome! So what is that video from originally?
It's from Der Untergang, an excellent film about the last days of Hitler's life, told through the eyes of one of his employees, a typist if I remember correctly. Really well worth watching, 5/5 OSNN Stars!! :)

I think it's called "Downfall" over here in the UK and I guess the same goes for the US.
can someone translate what they said in that clip please? or at least confirm that what they said is what the subtitles say. lol :p

very funny.
I'm pretty sure the German dialog is from the movie, so its different than the subtitles that were added to this clip. Its more for people who do not speak German and just want a laugh.

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