The rabbi and the tax collector

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8 Apr 2003
A tax inspector has come to a synagogue to make sure it is paying it's taxes and is well run economically. He and the Rabbi are walking along and they see people making challa, a Jewish bread eaten on the Sabbath. The tax collector says, "Rabbi, every Sabbath, you must have some extra dough. What do you do with it?"

The Rabbi responds, "We send it to the dough shop, and every year they send us a few batches of dough."

They keep walking along, and they see someone lighting Sabbath candles. the tax collector says to the Rabbi, "Rabbi, every Sabbath, you must have some extra wax. What do you do with it?"

The rabbi responds, "We send it to the candle-makers, and every year, they send us a new box."

The tax collector is quite pleased by now that the place is running well, but he still needs the taxes. He prepares to ask the Rabbi for the money, but then they pass a baby being circumcised, and the collector has one more question.

"Rabbi, after every circumcision, what do you do with the tips of the penises?"

The Rabbi sighs and calmly responds, "We send them to the IRS, and every year they send us a p***k like you."

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