the new updates cuz problems for me



the first time i installed the new updates that repair internet explorer and stuff. . . my computer couldn't access the internet at all, so i was lucky and just went back to a point before i had installed the updates

yesterday i was trying to get out of all these windows and i accidently installed that update that messed up my computer last time, and i try to go back to restore it but it would only bring up a blank window when i clicked on system restore

well, i seeked help from some xp guy on the phone, and he made me restore it all from the xp cd

but ever since i restored when i go on the net when i type things in i would get stuck, and have to refresh the page, the computer would have to stop every time i typed in a letter and it took me like an half an hour to write a paragraph when i was posting

so my questions are. . .

why was my computer getting stuck when i went to type things?
What's up with those new updates?
Should i try to install them again or what?

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