The new geforce 4



I saw the new geforce4 models at
and let's say the performance is crazy...

I was wondering since it's 8x agp will we all half to
buy motherboards that support 8x
or will I half to be running at 4x on my asus a7v266-e

That kind of sucks because I will lose quality and
I don't want to buy another motherboard when it
works fine...
No, its not really a requirement.
If your motherboard only supports AGP 4x, then it will only work at 4x.

My motherboard is 2x, almost time to upgrade !!
fourdice btw gf4 4600 is not going to have agp8x because it wasnt "ready" enough to implement support on the card.
sry lol im the bringger of bad news lol
Read the review on Tomshardware, couldn't stop drooling - wonder if this will be the minimum requirement for Doom3/Quake4 as I read somewhere that the Geforce 3 wasn#t gonna be enough (What!!!!!)

Also read this on Toms Hardware which was a bit disturbing....

Right after I had received the two cards I had to try the video output quality of the GeForce4 MX460. To do this quickly I installed it in my multi media PC system in my living room, which is hooked up to the stereo to play SWR3 web radio all day (which I can't live without) and hooked up to my video/TV to replay copied DVDs from out of my home network. This system comes equipped with an Asus A7V266-E motherboard with VIA's Apollo KT266A chipset, an AthlonXP 2000+ processor, lots of memory and other nifty things.

Once the 27.30-driver had been installed, my GeForce4 MX460 card would not start WindowsXP as long as video-out of the GeForce4 MX was connected to the TV. I rang Lars in Germany and he tried a similar configuration, an AMD760 platform with AthlonXP 1900+. In his case the system would not run as well, as soon as the video-out of the GeForce4 MX460 was hooked to a television.

It seems as if Athlon plus GeForce4 MX plus television is not a good constellation. NVIDIA was all surprised but also not particularly fussed. While NVIDIA likes to point fingers at ATi's driver issues, it seems to consider itself infallible. The test guys who ought to have caught this driver bug seem to be busy selling their stock or counting their money instead. That's how times change! A few years ago somebody at NVIDIA would have been willing and able to fix a bug of this kind. Today, nada ...

Especially as I plan on getting an AthlonXP soon, hope this is just a reference driver issue!
My GeForce3 Ti500 Deluxe works for me, it's impossible to update you're videocard every 6 months! And the difference between my GeForce3 and the GeForce4 is not even that big.
lol, it may not seem like it, but the Geforce4 can run Max Payne with full FSAA and still have a higher frame rate than the Geforce3
Mmm...Mmmm.. Your a horny bunny, little Geforce4 card now arn't you!!!!!! lol:p ;)

I'm gonna get me one of these 4600s I dont care about price.. I W A N T I T !!

Just need 2 get the money, hold on lads I got an idea...............!!!

LOL ill still buy it even if its 650$(can ) ... but ill w8 and see what ati is going to release (i wanna see the R250 in action) before i invest in sumthg new and hardcore heheh ummm sweeetnesssss Accuview in 1280x1024 (cant go anyhigher 17" here LOL)

i think i drooled over my keyboard ROFL!!!

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