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The Media

In London today: -

We have apparently re-introduced the Roman Arena type mentality in watching a war as it progresses on television from the safety of our own homes: - i.e. safety and personal gratification issues. I wonder where this will lead; do we now have to produce a war when the television ratings and economy are down (advertising revenues) in order to stimulate the economy (as I suspect)? Or will the multitude of “experts” engaged in the analyst of what’s going on be sufficient to support the economy of the country under attack? A new breed of journalism has been born supported by the seemingly multitude of academics leaving university with degrees in “Media Studies”, this is an easy degree to get, yet they seem to have taken over the world by their manipulation of the media/politics, and understanding, as politicians think they are all powerful in purporting and delivering their views, or bending their views to conform to the currents aspects of public opinion.

Even the military are subject to their views as the current war proves. Even the standard press (yes newspapers) are lost in this quickly moving group of scenarios.

Media personnel will end our civilisation by their lack of knowledge and single-minded approach and lack of experience.

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ok, didn't feel like saying much before, so here goes ;)

Pre-attack: The Daily Mail pissed me off, as did the french - for obvious reasons :p, every paper was posting encouraging reports about our boys out in kuwait (alot of people round here as I live where all the planes and copters are taking off from, oh and where the nukes are kept - but ssh you didn't hear that from me) - the mail however was *****ing on about lack of kit and really really depressing stuff that, had I been a soldier out there, would have really made me want to give up, real depressing, didn't even bother to read that paper, and I normally read em all at work. Except the sun, I just look at the pictures.

Tony Blair has been fantastic, you can see how tired he is, looks like he has aged 10 years during this crisis. Yet the bugger still gets more sleep than me ;)

1am, a-day. boom, just finished watching happy gilmore (ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR YOUR HOME?) and thats when the attacks started, waited up to hear dubyas speech ... boring :p

Last night, I had to go to work just before the B52s, from the uk, arrived in iraq, that was a hell of a display.

I always remember that we are not attacking the people of iraq, but it's tyrannic leaders. Reminded of this by the joy I saw on the tv, as troops were met by locals in southern iraq.

The journalists themselves... getting very frustrating

a) the studio teams -- the constant rambling with a shot of baghdad, repeating the same info just incase something might happen, the odd AA cannon shooting into the air - a focus point for at least 20 minutes...

b) out-in-the-field, everyone seems to be getting into the CNN act of troops in the field to get that scoop, then suddenly its a headline when some journalists go missing!!!

Credit to those in the field for being very careful about what they say, presumed attacks are just speculation and that seems to have been wrong all of the way so far. Groovy.

I wouldn't want to be one of Saddam's minions with both the SAS and SBS there, badasses.


how weird, i seem to be registered as p0welly on one pc and powelly on my laptop, hmmmmm

Anyway it seems you can post a java link so Sky news and click the Interactive Iraq banner

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Originally posted by p0welly
how weird, i seem to be registered as p0welly on one pc and powelly on my laptop, hmmmmm

Anyway it seems you can post a java link so Sky news and click the Interactive Iraq banner
That wasn't the type of Interactive I was thinking of.

I can see us in the future watching TV and the presenter saying...."If you'd like to bomb the important building on the right of your screen press the red button on your remote control now"

You never know :)

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what pisses me off is how journalists ask stupid questions like "excuse me but do you know when the war is gonna end" im waiting for them to reply "sit down you little boy" as they dont know when its gonna end, and if they did say, the media would be "we thought you said it was gonna end last week" then campaign for his resignation.

and i think blair has done his best in this situation (tho the nhs and the country is in the ****), but as EP said hes put alot of hours into this to push for a diplomatic solution yet france has resisted, and at the end, the public hate him, and most of europe.

and about the war. the familys of our men and women out there, seek comfort in the news being on tv 24/7, hoping they might hear news of them or even spot them on tv, it must be hard to carry on as normal with your child in the war, and i think this reassures them.

and the one thing i hate about this war so far is the amount of wasted life on stupid accidents.

BUT Saddam is a dead man (if not already) :)


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Originally posted by Burpster
i often wonder if Wolf Blitzer gets a woody when describing bombing??
can you say napoleon complex?

they do not have any facts so they have to haul out "experts" on certain "issues" and guess what might happen. what few facts they have they pound and pound into your head...i believe the word is "desensitizing."

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