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The Green Room


Act your wage.
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Why is it green? Why not purple or a light shade of mauve? What is mauve? Did I spell that right? Anybody got a can of paint?


Dabba Dooba
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we should call it bullsh*t like i saw in this other forum. or bullcrap or The yada yada

sorry me no go at makin names for stuff up :(


Act your wage.
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EP's House.
The Garden.
The Lounge Reloaded.
The Mezzanine.
Spam Central.
The Backyard.

Then again, I don't have a problem with The Green Room. ;)


OSNN One Post Wonder
Mauve is the correct spelling, myself I like P!nk :)

Mauve can be defined kind of, (having) a pale purple colour, like Lilac I s'pose!
yeah, we had to replace the door on that section of the forums, and while we were at it we noticed that the joists and the door frame werent really straight so we took some time to sort those bits out as well, needless to say we had to remove some bits and pieces to fit the new, slightly more sturdy joist in

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