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The Gates of Hell Just Opened In Guatemala

Electronic Punk

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"This can't be real" was my first thought. Then I checked the source: The Guatemalan government. What you are looking at here is a sinkhole that just appeared in the Zone 2 of Ciudad de Guatemala. And it's very real.

A sinkhole is a natural depression caused by the removal of soil by water. This process can happen slowly, but sometimes the land just cracks open. In this case, the sinkhole happened suddenly. It was caused by massive waterfall from tropical storm Agatha, which is now hitting the area.
Sinkholes can go from low terrain depressions to hundred of meters.

Luckily, and unlike the similar sinkhole that killed two teens in 2007, it happened in a street intersection and it seems there are no victims
Jesus :eek:


Perris Calderon

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It's too perfect, too[FONT=&quot] symmetrical to be real[/FONT] [FONT=&quot]
I was thinking the same,I was thinking surely a photoshop, it does seam sur-real

however I did some research and it seems like gravity rounds sink holes, the bigger the hole the more perfect the round

for instance, try diging a hole in the mud, it's gonna turn round no matter how you dig it

however I am pretty cerain I know where this hole comes from

if you remember in the latest star trek documentary, there was the evil ship that had the megahuge drill bit drilling into the crust of our planet

they were also using time warps to go back in time

this is the result of that megahuge drill bit, it became part of their time warp and there it is in guatamala

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