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The future of Counter-strike / Steam

Electronic Punk

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Heres the Punk LowDown.
Gonna slap it some and make it comprehensive....
It should remove all your concerns, create new ones (as most of my posts do) and tell you how cool Valve really is!!!

[e]-Punk's Guide To The Future Of Counter-strike

Officially, Counter-strike can currently be played using either the mod version of CS 1.3 with the latest version of the retail Half-life or using the latest patched version of the retail version of Counter-strike. This is currently the most popular way to play Counter-strike and the only way that will work with external spiders such as Gamespy and Gamespy Arcade.

More recently Valve has introduced Steam, a new system for releasing and updating software. Currently only Half-life / Team Fortress Classic / Day Of Defeat / Counter-strike and Tracker are available.
Using this system, the products can be updated as soon as the patch is released, containing bug-fixes, new features or the latest anti-cheat measures.

When (or if) Counter-strike 1.4 is released (a jump to 1.5 may be made instead), it will be available as a full download as all previous versions have been. It is not currently known whether Steam or Tracker will make it into this build, however its integration is inevitable and will even be a realistic option for Dial-up users. If you have read anything about Steam so far, you will know that the entire application must be downloaded from scratch the first time you run it, and then after that it still takes a while to connect to the servers as the cache file is checked, validated etc..

When the final version is released, this will not be the case, it will only be used to update a few small files or install any updates which are available, tho the information on this is currently pretty vague. It will not take hours to download on dialup and I don't think that updates will occur on a daily basis - only as Valve discovers how to halt various cheats that will inevitably crop up.

If you are into Counter-strike, then you know a storm is coming. Counter-strike (everything) will soon become Counter-strike: Condition Zero - tho will still inevitably be called CS.

If you don't wish to buy Condition Zero and already have Half-life or Counter-strike installed, you will be able to download Condition Zero free. FREE.

Counter-strike 1.5 will be Condition Zero! It will be crippled, it will not contain the single player game or the new hi-definition models, but this will produce an interim version that will allow CS and CZ players to play the same game. The downloadable version will have all the new multiplayer maps and weapons. This may be a difficult moment for dial-up users who willl have to download and have an early night, or get your mate with broadband to download it onto a CD - but surely this time it will be worth it!!!

What about credit card info on Steam?
I have also read that if you do not own Half-life or Counter-strike then you can actually buy either a subscription or the game using Steam, while this isn't really the same as having a copy in your hands - e-commerce is on the up and this could be the future of obtaining software.

Last updated 27/3/2002

Electronic Punk

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More stuff:

It will contain 20 new maps (woohoo)

Currently Steam is in beta and that means that anyone can play, it is recommended that you have broadband tho as the system is being spanked to ensure they can cope with all the bandwidth.

You do not need to have Half-life or Counter-strike installed to take part in the beta, so hi-speed users have NO EXCUSE not to try it!


Thanks for the info :)

Im really looking forward to the next version of CS, these cheaters are driving me insane !

Electronic Punk

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Chateau is a fun map, had a lot of amusing 1vs1 moments with my housemate there.

btw, its not going to be so bad for dialup users, once you have downloading the full 1.5 / 1.4 only a few small files will be updated whenever a new cheat is counter-acted, tho if the bill payer is a Counter-strike fan, it may push them over the broadband line as it did me!


Quazatron R6 droid
Its also worth noting that some DVD / CD carrying magazines will probably put the new version of Counter-Strike / the downloadable version of Condition Zero on their coverdisc when they get round to doing their monthly release as many realise that CS is very popular.

This means that if you are a dial-up user and don't mind waiting then you can get hold of the update this way as well as the other methods mentioned above by E-punk.

Electronic Punk

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I would definatly recommend broadband for the beta, tho any futire non-beta releases will be a little less convenient for dial-up users but not too much.

Dublex: Your right about the coverdisks, but those are usually prepared a few weeks before the magazine is published - the DVD even longer, which can also be a week before they are on the shelves.


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Personally I think that cs 1.4 will be released. Having beta-testing it for a while. First of all because of the feedback in the steam-forums!. I find 1.4 better than 1.3 and the two new maps are lovely! I hope de_dust dissapears from all 1.4 servers now with the new maps :) As for cheaters, I hope most of them will be "caught" with the build-in anti cheat in 1.4. CS:CZ is not Cs for me, but just a new mod, like Firearms...
Anyways, thumbs up for 1.4 so far :cool:

Electronic Punk

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Nah keep dust, just knock it back a bit, CS definatly needs more maps.

1.4 is so much better than 1.3, tho it could be down to peoples attitudes, tho I don't see why that would be other than cheating paranoia in 1.3

When I said "if CS 1.4 is released" It might go straight to 1.5 which is the version that will be integrated with Condition Zero... there will be no two mods,,, it will be Condition Zero...


IMHO CS 1.4 sucks. I liked CS because it was UNREALISTIC. Now they are trying to make it realistic even though it sucks. DoD will always be better. CS 1.4 is to be released last 1st quarter prior to CS:CZ. Now I must ask: Where did you get this info from? I seriously doubt that 1.5 will be a stripped down CZ because they are greedy. Look for interviews at CSCentral and you will see that they want you to buy CZ. Because it is "better" which is wrong since its still the same engine. Maybe alittle tweaked or so but its still the same engine.

Electronic Punk

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Limiting the jumpinh hardly makes the game more realistic...

And as for CS 1.5 being a cut down version of Condition Zero... it is.

I still intend to buy it, so I can experience the hi res models and the single player missions, big fan of Count Floyds AI work.
Check out any recent CS:CZ preview...

Calling Valve greedy is daft especailly as they are providing top notch gaming 4 years after their ONLY games initial release.

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