The Five Stages Of Windows Acceptance


Awesomeness on Fire
5 May 2008
The stages are, and not neccisarily in any order:

Denial: "I'm not gonna switch, my version of Windows has everything I need."
(This statement usually condradicts previous statements saying that the current version of Windows sucks, or that "Linux rocks, Windoze sucks" that the subject has said.)

Anger: "This version of Windows is crap. Micrsoft will go under. Everyone is switching to Linux/Macs. The Windows code base is trash, Microsoft will pull a Mac OS X, and use Unix."
(This stage lasts a while, and is usually made by people who have never used the latest version of Windows, or journalists/bloggers trying to make headlines. This stage closely resembles what Linux Zealots and Mac Cultists - note that these are the crazy versions of fans of operating systems - do all the time.)

Bargaining: "I'll switch after SP2. / I'll skip this version of Windows."
(This stage can vary between bitter and nice; usually its a nicer one as people start to hope about a mythical next version, which is delayed about every other time.)

Depression: "I'm not used to this version of Windows. / Old hardware doesn't work with it."
(And most will blame Microsoft for not writing drivers for a billion devices when they add new Windows features that need a new driver framework.)

Acceptance: "I'm okay with this version of Windows."
(For some, this occurs fast, for others, this doesn't happen until the next version is out and ripe for the bashing...)

Stages repeat with new version of Windows. Thirteen year olds everywhere rejoice as they can look cool by pissing on Microsoft, even though they a) only use Windows/have never used Linux b) only hate Windows because they got spyware from being stupid c) everyone else is doing it.

I think you have to have an addendum stage as well :)

Money: "I can finally afford to buy the Operating system and not have to whine about it because my pirated version doesn't work properly"
This one started out as a blog post, but I expanded it for the post here. I tend to quote it when someone who has never used Vista whines about it in the standard "look at me, I'm so cool bashing MS with group hate" crowd as a low grade insult/inside joke.

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