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The first AMD powered Lenovo M-Series to be released on Oct 19th


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Lenovo and AMD have come together to create a new business oriented desktop machine named the ThinkCentre M75e. The M75e is going to be part of the line-up strategically positioned towards businesses of all types, it will come with a wide range of options to customise the computer to the customers preference and will have a starting price at $299.

The M75e is powered by AMD's 760G chipset which can be compared to the 785G and only differs in that the graphics card that is built-in is less powerful. This makes the 760G a great fit for businesses where high end graphics and blu-ray decoding are not necessary. This allows the Lenovo M75e to come in with a really low price giving more value to the customer for their money.

The real power of the 760G really comes into play when it comes to the different CPU's that may be used with it. Anything from the single core Sempron to the dual core Athlon and then the Quad Cores at the high end. That is not all, but this motherboard takes an impressive 16 GB of memory when maxed out. The best part is the graphics setup. Out of the box the M75e will be able to have an easy to use dual screen setup in thanks to the DVI and VGA ports that are provided on the motherboard. Is that not enough screen real estate? Then this is where the AMD and ATI merger comes into play. Using an ATI HD5450 graphics card will turn this into a quad output and thus quad screen setup.

While in Intel machines when inserting a graphics card will shut off the internal graphics card, using this new chipset from AMD/ATI will allow the HD5450 to drive the onboard connectors as well giving a whopping 4 outputs to plug screens into. Out of the box the internal graphics card will support DirectX 10, however with an extra graphics card it is possible to go up to DirectX 11 support, so using the M75e for heavy graphics work or 3D rendering becomes feasible.

The M75e is set to be absolutely fantastic in more than just the specifications with regard to what the motherboard can offer. It is fully EnergyStar 5.0 compliant* and has a 30 second Windows 7 boot time*. The M75e will be available in two separate form factors, as a full size tower and as a small form factor. This will allow the business to choose what works best for them.

For the security minded businesses this Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e has some tricks up its sleeve, there is the ability to completely disable all USB ports on the machine, one of the reasons why this offering still has the PS/2 connectors for a keyboard and a mouse.

Within the next couple of weeks we here at OSNN.net will be receiving an M75e to review and will be giving one away as well. The M75e we are giving away contains a Quad Core Athlon II X4 640 with a 500GB hard drive, DVD RW drive, 4GB of RAM, ATI 3100, and Windows 7 Pro 64. This machine will also come with two Lenovo monitors so the lucky winner can have dual screens right out of the box!

Keep an eye out for a posting by our very own user "osnncompetition" with a brand new competition to win one screaming machine... and off course the review when we get the actual hardware in our hands and put it through the paces.

* Certain configurations, please refer to Lenovo's documentation regarding the M75e when released on October 19th.


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I must admit since I saw the performance of the Phenom II and the 800 series chipset AMD got my attention for the next upgrade I do.

I7 performance at a fraction of the cost? Count me in!

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