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The Euro 2004 Thread


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Thought I'd start a thread for it :D Who do you want to win?

I'd be happy if either Italy or England won :D

Oh and, what an upset by Greece! :)


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france/spain/italy/england and germany have to be the top dogs as usual...

france/spain and england all have good squads and italy is still potent... germany are underdogs this year imo...

portugal really needs to regroup..


I'm sorry Hal...
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Goal, Goal, Oh its a goal, scored by england, england, england, england.

Thats what they'll be chanting from the stands! well proabably not but it would be cool :)

I bet Greece can't beleive their luck! There was so much presure on Portugal to win yesterday, everyone thought they would. I bet some people made some nice bank off it though!
i want holland and england in final because i am dutch and my girly is english :D

hehe gonna be fun and she come too holland one day after final
soccer sucks. I see al those orange flags and stuff on cars, windows, houses, boats, yes even dogs and cats. But that means to me I have faster internet, because everyone it watching the match(es) :D

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