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The Driver Issue


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Alright, from the beginning I (and many others) have had issues with games playing properly, or at all on Vista.

I ended up getting most of my games to work on Nvidias 100.65 drivers. I then got WOW and 101.?? beta drivers were the only ones that worked with it. Now 2 of my other games crash or cant get started.

I don't understand this, why would one game work and not another with a certain driver? I assume there is no way around this at the moment?
Two words: Beta Drivers.

If you have games that are unstable with vista and nvidia's beta drivers, dual boot with xp. Nvidia is a long way from having stable final build drivers ready.


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I figured the problem is half with the word BETA, I am mainly wondering how 1 Game can work with one version of driver, and another not work with that driver but another version of driver..

I wish I could dual boot, I dont have space, or a non used second drive.
Whether a game works or not depends on what functions it calls from the video drivers to run it's display graphics.

One major difference will be OpenGL vs DirectX.

The next major difference will be what version of DX9 and what level shaders were used to write the game.

You could try turning video freatures off in game until the final drivers are out. If you can't even get to the setup screen some games have a text file you can mod.

Turn off things like shadows and dynamic lighting to start. Cataclysm was useless on ATI hardware when it first came out, 3 or 4 driver changes latter it worked fine. A few changes to the game video setup and I could at least get it to run. That was with a stable XP platform and fairly mature 9700/9800 series GPUs.

PS the billionaires at MS and Nvidia appreciate your free beta testing for them. Normally then have to pay $80-100 per hour burdened labor rates to get software engineers to debug their code.


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The problems you go through when you like to try new things lol

They should of perfected it by now, just me lol.

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