The computer cannot see any data or play a cd >>wrong forum please move to hardware.


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Hi guys/girl just had a phone call of my little brother who has just started to have some problems with his Liton48 speed rewriter i have done the obvious fault finding over the phone and now my head hurts:) can you have a look below and give me some suggestions...Thanks.

Problem:-The computer cannot see any data or play any music from his rewriter but his cdrom works fine,the drive is a few weeks old with latest firmware applied when i installed it,leads have been changed and tried with different jumper settings,drive unistalled within windows and reinstalled.(drive shows up with no problems just cannot read any discs) no errors in device manager says drive running at ultra dma2.

aspi updated and no new software installed recently.
He is going to repair windows if no suggestions come up.

B*lls 2 many windows open can any mod MOVE THIS TO HARDWARE.....sorry for the mistake.


Don't know if this will help or not, but a while back I had a dvd drive that did the same as your brothers is doing. bios saw, windows saw it, all the drivers were installed fine......
drive wasn’t spinning the disc...... Motor had apparently burned out
have him put in a cd and see if the drive spins it

Gus K

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Sounds like you did all the right things. In cases like this it's best to start with the assumption that the harware is not at fault (seems many components fail early or not at all). The best way to do this is to pop the burner into another machine and see what happens.


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After talking to him on the phone...for what seemed a lifetime..with no success i am having to go up and have a look in the morning i will post an update to whether the drive spins/check cables and if it is faulty or if i do indeed solve it.

Thanks for the replies.


I had a similar problem. Ask him if he has installed any sblive drivers recently. If he has ask him to try uninstalling them. The sblive drivers are ****ing ****. I thought my ide controller on my mobo was screwed up so I replaced my mobo and I still couldn't get my cd-rom drives to work.. 'New mobo at no cost' so I guess it was kind of a nice problem :)


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Update !

After seeing the drive not read anything myself and after removing upper/lower filters & altering registry so it redetected dma capabilities & updating the drive firmware and all the rest....i had enough and whipped it out(suggested by Gus K) and brought it home for testing on another system(including win98se)to check if it was an Xp was not:confused:

Turns out the drive light goes on when you insert a disc but does not spin up so "rettahc" i hate to say it but your right:D

Going to return the drive within the next few days.

Thanks for the tips guys.


Yah it frustrating cause windows see's the drive and install it all properly. They need to find a way to make CD drives register some sort of error when theburns out and they stop spinning.


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sorry to hear it burnt

i dont like liteon
my bro's is freezing xp menu's so im thinking its gonna be going soon

its a liteon

i have an lg

it reads everything and has been extreamly reliable and is low cost



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Its the first liteon i have ever know to break down from way back when they were at 12 speed (i had a writer that was single speed with 512k buffer once !!)i suppose when things are massed produced they can only QA a fraction of them.


just about all companies are mass producing cr*p these days, for example I've used western Digital HD's for years without a prob. then in the last year and a half I've had to send 4 drives back to them for replacement and all of the drives were between 6 months to a year old

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