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The Company Kolin


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I have been looking around on retail sites. Tiger direct and such. I have noticed a new company, well I think. LCD monitors that look pretty good, I look at the Brand and I see Kolin. I have never heard of that before. Are they new, are they good?
Yes, you are hallucinating. Lay off the egg nog and frappacino's.

Significant player in Taiwan home appliance market. Expanding into USA and Mainland China. See the last item. 65 inch liquid crystal TV coming soon.

Taiwanese home appliance company. Found their home page in Chinese...

They shipped 40,000 LCD TV's last month.

Kolin plans to introduces its 65-inch LCOS TVs[B/]
Kolin Co. Ltd. will introduce its 65-inch high-definition LCOS (liquid crystal on-silicon) TV to the market of United States, Taiwan and mainland China in January 2006. Kolin is one of leading home appliances manufacturers in Taiwan. The company claimed it acquired the research, development and patent resources from Brillian because its U.S. strategic partner, Syntax Corp. had have a share swap with Brillian. Brillian is a well-known manufacturer of LCOS TVs in the U.S.; with the advantage of Brillian, Kolin has more support to accelerate its steps to enter LCOS market all over the world. T.J. Lee, Kolin’s vice president, stated that digital TV-related products would become the main power of the company’s revenues. Through the cooperation with Industrial technology Research Institute (ITRI), Kolin has become the first domestic brand that launches red-ray digital DVD player dubbed HD FVD. The company has an optimistic view on the future of HD FVD while the worldwide demand of HD FVD has reached about 4 million yearly. Besides Kolin, another Taiwan home appliances manufacturer, Tatung Co. also has developed its 65-inch LCOS TV through its subsidiary, Chunghwa Picture Tube Co. and plans to put it into market within a year.
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