"The Club" game crashing?


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I just got the game "The Club" off of Steam and I am having problems with it.

I run the game and it keeps crashing to the desktop. I get about 1 min of play in on it and then it crashes. I was reading around on the companies forums and found this...


but it don't help. They are saying it might have something to do with the whole LIVE thing. I didn't even know Games For Windows meant it used the LIVE network, or what not. Anyways, my problem at the moment is getting it to stay running...

I was wondering if anyone here had any more insight on this problem? I really want to play this game and see how it is, but with it only working for a min, well I can't.

*side note, sorta.....I never really heard anything about the Games For Windows LIVE thing much, I didn't know that it dealt with Vista and all that. What is the big problem with it? That games that are under that Game For Windows title only work in Vista? or what is going on there....I hope I didn't waste flipping 50 bucks on this thing..

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Anything sold on Steam is supported by them and also has a forum on the Steam site.
PC versions and Steam versions are different so what you read about a PC version may not apply to Steam version.
They will have different patches and so on.

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