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The Chronicles of Riddick


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I put up this thread 'cause I see that no-one has posted anything about it. Sazar usually posts his critique 'bout movies, but not on this one.

I would like to hear some pros and cons as to this movie. Me thinkin of seein it this weekend. But if anyone has seen it, please post some criticism, but please no spoilers. :)

I have read some reviews that have it at three stars and that it's not a good sequel to Pitch Black. But I do know that it was not intended to be a squel to it but more a continuation of Riddick's travels or adventures or whatever ya want to call it. So as for comments as to being a good sequel. Me don't care. :D

But for the value of entertainment , that I do care. :)


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I haven't gotten around to seeing this yet, but I do want to. I watched Pitch Black quite a few times and really enjoyed it, but I've got some reservations about this one. I don't know when I'll see it but I'll be sure to give my opinion of it once I do. :D


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flick is entertaining :)

thats for sure..

I thought pitch black (the first part) was awesome... it was a lot like predator in which you insert random characters into random setting and have random bad-ass monsters and it turns out to be a decent flick... riddick was teh most endearing and enigmatic character but the movie worked because of the various interactions between the people... ie how they were almost killed @ the beginning by the pilot and so on/so forth...

the chronicles is not @ the same level primarily due to the lack of character development... the Lord Marshall imo is completely wasted... if anyone knows of Colm Feore he is a genuinely gifted artist... as is dame judy dench and yet neither of them is used properly... vin diesel is an under-rated actor but @ the same time the camera dwells too long on him rather than defining and shaping the events and characters and interactions around him...

however the pace of the movie is good and the general basic story-line though a little far-fetched is followed through diligently...

there are so many ways this movie could have been improved upon but its not a total waste... I think those reviewers who trash this while praising stepford wives have serious issues... stepford wives was a monumental waste of talent in a ludicrously bad adaptation... riddick is a fun-loving if flawed sequel to (imo) a decent sci-fi flick in pitch black...

entertaining if nothing else... certainly worth a look if you like sci-fi or mindless entertainment...

3.5/5 OSNN stars


Beware the G-Man
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I think also maybe they didn't push it to be too too engrossing (or good/great) so when they do the second/continuation, being that these are "The Chronicles of Riddick" that they may get better. Maybe. :)


/me thinks G, who preaches about the use of the 'Edit' button, should sit in the choir and practice what he preaches... muhahaha :p
was a pretty good movie to me. Kinda odd at some points. through a lot of it you could kinda put another movie.... or game.... to certain scenes just by the way things are done. And by the ending.... you DEFINITELY know that it won't be the last we'll see of Riddick. if it does wind up being the end...... SHAME ON THEM!!!
that's..... a pretty beefy shotty in that emoticon...... sux to be that eerily grinning smily.

And why does the blast from that kinda remind me of the shotty in the Metal Slug series of games?
I thought it was REALLY REALLY cool.
Riddick is one hard mofo.
Its a mans flick. Nice action and moments where you think "you da man riddick"
Me and my flatmate thought it was WELL cool.
Cant wait for the next one.

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