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The Best Geforce 4 :D

the bets one that i have seen and used id the albatron 4680 turbo128mb , it runs witht eh 4200 chip but in UT it out performs the 4600, but that is just my opinion


Smokin & Jokin

Just been looking at the Gainward 4800's 128mb...
Looks quite good, anybody got one of these or can tell me
if they are good?

Well ive got a Leadtec Winfast A280 TD Vivo Card which is a 128 meg Geforce 4 TI4800SE GPU card and have found it to perform excellently. My fps increased and 3dmark tests improved dramaticly. If i remember rightly i brought it from www.overclockers.co.uk for about £150, and for that money its one hell of a card :)

Hope thats of some help...


I have a Leadtek Winfast A250 ultra. GF4600 128mb.
No vivo. It performs excellent and dramatically increased
my framerates. I went from a GF2 mx200 :p

It doesn't cost that much either i think since they released
the agp 8x edition of the 4200 and since the GF FX lower

Gus K

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Well I've got a Leadtec Winfast A280 LE Vivo Card TI 4200. Easily clocks to 300/600 with Leadtek's own software. Which is almost TI4600 speeds. And they stay on top of their drivers, which do appear to be slightly tweaked over NVIDIA's reference set. Plus their WinFast software will tell you everything you might want to know and more.


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if you have/want agp8x, get a 4800. if not, get the 4600. they have the same gpu. the 4800 SE shares the same gpu as the 4400, so it's second to the 4600/4800.

gainward makes very good and overclockable cards. leadtek, asus, and albatron do as well.

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