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The Best Firefox Extensions


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This will be an updated list of the best Firefox Extensions out there. Keep them coming.
Most can be found on Mozilla's website, if not a good old Google search will find them.

Who is this person? - with a click of the mouse, find out what a word means, or who someone is

Tab Preview - with your mouse hovering over tab, shows preview of it

UI Tweaker - Allows you to tweak various aspects of the browsers UI

Adblock Plus - Removes the ads you don't want

Adblock Filterset.G - add on to adblock

FireFTP - FTP program within your browser

IE Tab Extension - view certain pages within IE (as a tab)

Web Developer - various tools for web design and such

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer - synchronize your bookmarks

Compact Menu - Duplicates the menubar on the toolbar as a menu of menus

Translate - what do you think (translates pages)

Customize Google - enhance googles search engine (also remove ads and spam)

Download Manager Tweak - modification of Firefox's built in manager

Stumble Upon - use this to find new sites

Cute menus 2 - iconifies your menus (can change skins)

Forecast Fox - weather within your browser

Faster fox - speed everything up

All In One Sidebar - want all your tools and bookmarks in one place, here ya go

Gmail Notifiyer - take a guess

Down Them All - automaticly download all images or links from a webpage

Prefbar - more control over the pages viewed, (and much more)

Clone Window - Clones the current tab's address and history into a new window (or tab)

Fisson - shows a progress bar in the navigation bar

Tab Mix Plus - much more options for tabed browsing

StatusBar Clock - Adds date and time to status bar (posted on page 2)
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UI Tweaker lets you change how things work, like the google search, can be only the icon untill mouse over, and things like that, check it out. Tab preview alows you to see what u have on one tab with a mouse over.


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I stoped using the program, cause I don't need it anymore. There should be an option in the settings for it, to change what it uses automaticly.

Admiral Michael

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Ya, I wish you could hide it. The prefbar extension can be hidden by pressing F8 or under Views. A hide feature for Web Developer would make it much better.

I still have it linked just in case.
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Down Them All is very good, I use it, don't know what it wasent on my list. Don't need Gmail Manager, but I'm going to add all these to the list, make it one big good one.

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