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So I am trying to create a logo like the attached image.

I cant seem to figure out how to write like that around a circle, or even to get the right arch to it. I am doing this in Illustrator.

Any ideas?
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Yes, in Illustrator there is the same thing, but it does not write at that angle, it would write the text normal, but just going around the circle. Understand?


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In corel I would draw 2 circles and once the path of the iner circle is selected the text will follow that circle and look just like the text in your example.
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couldn't you just write the text then use the appearance tab to arch it and use the sliders to fine tune the arch ?


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When I used the Arch tool, it distorts it, does not look like above.

And when I write along a circle (yes 2 circles) it does not work, it always ends up looking like this:




Or something to that effect. Any other suggestions, maybe a tutorial lol


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Do you not have the ability to define a path and then write along it or perhaps write the text then flow it along a path?


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I assume you can, I just don't know it.

Of my years of experience I have never needed too, so I don't know how. I can't seem to find a good tutorial anywhere. So I am asking for help..

*EDIT, I think I figured it out, the text to path tool that I was using was not the actual text to path took, I played around with things and found it, and it works like it should.

Thanks guys.
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