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Terminator 3


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k... first off... NO SPOILERS :)

well just got back from seeing it and it was not as good as the 2nd one :)

after all... no james cameron... no sarah connor...

however the events from T and T2 are tied in nicely and the explanation is not ridiculous... arnie has some really classic one liners... made us all laugh :) and there were many such light hearted moments a la T and T2... but more so...

action was pretty decent... not of the same scale as T2 basically coz every action film now has some ridiculous high budget sequences...

acting... coulda been better... certainly on the part of some of the 5 second part people... kristana loken looks hot.. nice nudie scene :D but bit wooden on the acting..

story... not too bad... was better than I thought it would be... but my expectations were low to start with.. start was a touch slow... but picked up pace after...

dialogue... now here is my pet peeve... :( the dialogue really was lacking many a time...

however... as I said arnie had some really kewl lines :) and since there were no jesters @ the theatre when I went in.... it was well fun :D

highlights ? well lets just say there are some kewl PEOPLE tie-ins with the previous movies that cracked me up no end :D

one thing I missed hugely was the music... the ambience in the first 2 really set the tone for me... it was a bit unfortunate that the background music was not as atmospheric...

oh well lol...

I'll give it 3.5 / 5 ntfs stars... :D
i just saw it and i was no were close to the second one because on a bigger scale the second one was a freakin classic. no way around it terminator 2 is in my list of top movies of all time. but the 3rd one was better then i thought and had some good action. also on the music note i heard that they werent allowed to use the original score for the movie but to tell you the truth i really did hear a difference. and also you wont see in any movie someone holding a cofin and fireing a machine gun at the same time. that scene was one of my favorites. there was also some cool chase scenes (ie. the one with the crane that was cool) and i also think that guy that played john connor was pretty decent. the movie did tie in pretty well with the first 2. and on a scale from 1 to 5 i give it a 4.

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Yeah, Brad Fiedel did the music for the first too (and true lies), I know some new fellah was doing it this time around.

Ah well, only 30 days and the UK can see it :)


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good call e - big blockbuster hits are not meant to be viewed via computer, even if it is a flop, get to the theatre to see it. all the other sucky ones, well, that is up to you.

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