Tell me why I need a firewall.


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19 Jan 2004
Personally for me it's a no brainer after having someone try to hack my computer several times over a few month period, having my av mucked with, and the possibility that whoever was doing it could try to dig out ************* about not just me but my youngest brother who also uses my comp on occasion.

I used to believe that just because I was on dial up and I had the in house Xp firewall running that I was just fine. But then someone hacked into my comp and tried to disable the av. The first few times it happened I wrote it off as just a glitch. But after it became so that whenever I went online I was having this happen, I decided to get a firewall and install it asap. And since I did, I've not had this problem.


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2 Mar 2004
too bad they don't just write software without bugs and exploits.

For the most part you're safe without a firewall. Once and awhile a new exploit will come along that doesn't need you to open a file attachment, it attacks a local process and is able to get access to the system. The blaster worm was a perfect example of this. Many people were hit by that one and all it took was a firewall to prevent access to that service.


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16 Feb 2003
Problem is, M$ has tons of exploits, and some are found and take months to fix. I would never run windows without a firewall. If you don't want to run one fine, I'll give you this one now, "I told you so"

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