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TCP/IP Problems on XP



K, was trying to look for the search button so I don't gotta ask but I didn't find one soo...

well I was trying to install a linksys router on my comp and after many times of trying to connect on the net thru the router, I couldn't. So i went and checked the properties on my internet connection and tried to modify my tcp/ip thingies but when i click on properties for tcp/ip, I get a message saying I need a nic card installed (I am sure this is the reason why the router won't let me connect to the net). But I do have one, it was already built into the motherboard. I don't understand, lol I've had cable for awhile now and it's telling me I don't have a nic card? please help =/
I don't know about the error message but have you set the TCP/IP settings to automatic IP? You should since you are using the router.


i can't even get into the tcp/ip window where i can set it to automatic or choose my own ip address. Windows tells me that I need to set up a nic card first. And yes my nic card is set up in the device manager =/


If the Nic card is onboard, you may want to check in the bios to see if it's enabled there.
Well since you have used the card it's obviously working... You could try reinstalling the drivers. That may help. Maybe.


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who do/did you use for cable? did they have you install any software? any weird "cable internet" drivers or anything? you might have to unistall anything they had you install and reinstall your NIC drivers...


i'm currently using the windows driver that came with winxp pro and nope, I didn't install anything from the cable company =( Lol


I've come across similar problems in most Win O/S's the trick is to uninstall it on the device manager so it will automaticaly reinstall the drivers upon autodetect. Your problem is that windows sees the hardware but doen't initilize/start possibly due to file corruption, and/or a changed IRQ/DMA/IO setting.

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