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29 Jul 2002
Hey everybody

I was thinking of all the games I use to play back in 5th grade and all that.

Does anybody know that game where you move the blocks to form a road for the taxi to get to the other end?

I think its a taxi but maybe not?

I can't think of the name at all.

Any help?
I don't know the one your talking about but I used to play the game Crazy Taxi, used to sort of fun. lol
i know what your talking about but that was SOOO long ago. i remember playing that game for hours
Yeah i use to play all the time at school

i wish i remembered it

* Yeah crazy taxi was fun
Nope that wasn't it

Man this is gonna suck

Been bugging me all week and i ask everybody i hangout with and they know the game i am talking about but dont know the name
Well, what about Oregon Trail? I used to play that on an Apple back in elementary school with a 5 1/4" Floppy... I loved that game.
Oregon Trail was the shiz

Yes I googled it :|

Edit: It was sorta like pipe dream but with a taxi
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nope that aint it


You have a certain amount of time each level to connect the start to the finish by moving blocks that have different shapes of roads. You gotta connect the right roads together to get to the end.

Edit: I am not even to sure it has the word taxi in it.
Hey dude, i created the account only to tell you the name of the game is Street Shuffle.
I too struggled for years to find it so i had to answer this question although its 8 years late.

Well, thats it.

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