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Taskbar (or linux/mac equivalent) at the top or bottom?

Where is the "taskbar"?

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I'm kinda torn, I have used both (windows & Ubuntu) and I'm sure I could get used to it being at the top... but the bottom just feels more natural. Also, I feel that if its at the top it makes the application you have running look cluttered since you have both the taskbar and toolbar(s).

Edit: I'm a tard and picked top edge... could a mod please change it?
Which part is the "task bar"? Is it the part which shows the list of currently active programs? In which case I have mine (the dock) at the left side of my screen on auto-hide.
When using mac themes back in the day I moved it up top but it kept getting in the way of things. Back at the bottom where sensible people leave it now :)


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Use it at the top.

The bottom just makes me feel retarded.

No offense to y'all who use it at the bottom, but sometimes you have to look up ;)

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