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Task bar and 1st Window after reboot freezes




XP Professional
Pentium 2.4 Ghz Mobil M Processor
1 GB DDR 2100
Sony Notebook PCG-GRX570

Just recently this undersireable behaviour has begun with no recent new installs of hardware or software to readily be considered as the cause.

Upon boot up the first window that is opened will not close. In order to get it to close I have to open Task manager, when I do an end task on any program or folder running and close out Task manager I can then successfully close that window that remains openand subsequent windows that are opened.

I have my task bar in auto hide mode and it also will not pop up with curser being directed to cause it to do so. When I use the Windows key the task bar will pop up but 1st window opened after reboot will not close.

Can anyone help me??

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Welcome to the forums HPCSanDiego. :)

Haven't seen this one before. You could try doing a system restore as it is a recent problem. That might make it go away.


I did a system restore the the last check point, that was ineffective. I may need to go back a little further to have any impact. I just noticed when I select the hide taskbar option in properties it turns gray. I don't recall if that is normal, I saw a post about the taskbar turning gray somewhere, maybe that is relevant.

I just discovered I do not even have to "end task" any thing that is running. I just open the task manager and close;it that enables me to close any active windows. I've got to admit this is a strange one!


NTFS Stoner
i will have a proper look in the morning, looking at all that i would install and run 'lavasoft adaware' and 'spybot, search and destroy'
there might be a spyware problem.


Most all of what appears there is legitimate. I did delete a Real Player update executable as the first thing that froze was a small dialog box from real player after I had opened the player while I was offline. I really doubt that is a spyware issue although it may be. I think an entry in the registry just got fouled up. I just do not know where to begin to look to fix it.
oh yeh, control panel - admin tools. the event viewer is in there, i suggest wiping the logs clean, rebooting then taking a look. post any error details below. we will fix this ;)


Just to let you know the windows that freeze are windows other than my IE browser window. Such as folder windows, shortcut to drives on desktop etc. At one point I was unable to save anything to the desktop, I had to make another folder on the desktop and save to that.
out of intrest, make a new user and see if the problems persist. if they do, a windows repair may fix it.

if the problems go away its a corrupt user profile.

Bronx Bomber

wow, thats a hella long list.
looking through it, i dont see anything really of importance. however, i have heard that some of those toolbars are not really what they seem, some of them are really malicious spyware. though, im sure if it was something new you just installed, you would have said something about it. plus, adaware and spybot usually pick those things up.


I made a new user as you suggested and no longer have the problem in my original user preference settings now!!

I don't know what in the world is going on?


Well after I deleted the new user preference settings the problem returned.

I just found out that the OS can be "repaired". I simply selected the install option with Windows CD in drive, then selected the "upgrade" option, this overwrote the corrupted Windows files that were causing the problem.

I only had to repair my backup software and uninstall and reinstall one program, everything else was left intact. Actually my computer now runs better in all respects. I will do this periodically as routine maintenance.

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