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Tabs in IE

i'm looking for a program that will add tab functionality to IE and thats it. I don't want a different browser as i already use Mozilla. I thought it would be easy to find but after a few hours of searching I've came up with nothing but other browsers and programs full of crap. All i want are tabs in IE. Anyone know of anything?????


Avant is not an upgrade to IE - it is an IE "skin" that happens to have tabs in it. Myie is the same way ..
tried avant really like it but the pop-up blocker isn't as good as the google tool bar. if only i could disable the built in stuff and use the google toolbar instead. if you can do it i haven't been able to figure it out.

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try thes questions please on the support thread that I provided on my first post.

more people know about these extensions on that thread, you'll do better there
I don't think the Google toolbar will work with Avant because of the way it handles popups. The google toolbar will, however, work with MyIE2. Check into that. I used to use Avant, and it's an excellent browser, but I liked MyIE2's features better. Plus it works with Google toolbar ;)

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