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System Shut Down


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Alright all you young folks, don't laugh at an old lady, but heres my problem:
My son downloaded a background from kingdom hearts and since this has happened my computer will shut down in 1 minute after going on the internet.

I consider myself an intelligent person, but this is kicking my #$*. I have tried everything I know to do, which is not much in the way of computers. But, we do need to have this fixed. Is there anyone who wants to take a shot at helping me? It comes up as a windows alert that says the system will automatically shut down in __ seconds. Then it shuts down. It is happening all the time now.


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Have you scanned for viruses in safe mode (Press F8 right before the boot screen appears)? Have you checked the services tab and startup tab of MSCONFIG for anything that includes "shutdown.exe"?


OSNN One Post Wonder
Remember, I am not real quick. When I do that it takes me to the active desktop recovery, is that right? Madmatt would that be in the
F1 setup mode?
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Firstly, remove whatever he installed. I have a feeling he downloaded more than a wallpaper. What OS are you running and which service pack level? What antivirus software are you running? Do you know if it up-to-date?

The first thing you should do, after removing whatever he installed, is check MSCONFIG (Start, Run, type "msconfig" -- no quotes, press OK, click the Startup tab, then look for anything odd -- such as something that references "shutdown.exe").


OSNN One Post Wonder

I went in and found nothing strange, other than a ps2, which may be something to do with Kingdom Hearts. But no shutdown.exe at all? Any other options? And had already what I thought was taken all of the stuff he downloaded to start with, but the Kingdom Hearts crap popped back up.
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Do you get a popup windows message prompting you that your pc is to shutdown after 1 minute... counting down until 0:00?


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this is a(n) (in)famous virus by the sound of it - one that infected around the time of SP2 being put out and I am darned if I can remember it's name. I do know the AV and probably M$ people released a tool to remedy - was it called "Stinger"? Can someone with better memory than I post up to help this good lady here? Maybe attaching relevant tool?


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Stinger is no longer supported, but I believe you are correct MFG, anyway...

Here is the link for stinger:

Littlesaddlebum, just download this to a floppy, and then run it. If it was an older virus it should find and eliminate it...

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