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System shut down with beeps!!!

I am running windows xp Pro on a amd 2800XP, Gigabyte 7vt600 mobo...512 megs of ram and a nvidia 5200fx with the newest omega drivers...

the system sometimes shuts itself off while beeping....one occurance it beeped 3 times....another time it had one short beep followed by a long beep, and this repeated 3-4 times.....everytime it shut off...I think it is cpu heat related....but there was 2 diddferent types of beeps.....help!!! needed


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take a look in your motherboard's manual, it will probably have a list of what the different beep codes mean.


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It does sound like cpu heat related. Is your heatsink firmly attached to your cpu, and the fan spinning freely?
Or better yet, look at your CPU temperature in bios. Use MBM (mother board monitor), the utility that came with your MB, or next time it crashes go to bios at boot and check it there.
yeah....seems I am running a little hot....guess I should look for a new heatsink....the fan is spinning freely....the sink sems pretty damn small for this processor....well i will get a new one and give it a whirl....let ya guys know...thanks :)

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