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system restore not workin



hello all im hoping someone has had this issue at onetime or another. im running win xp pro and i recently purchased a new 120 gig hard drive so i copied the partition from my now full and bulging 20 gig and every thing was runing perfectly untill i recently had to restore my pc. when i start the application it crashes and wants to send the report to microsoft.... the file is there i just cant run it. i hope i still have restore points in there somewhere but i cant do anything to restore not even in safe mode. anyone out there know what could have caused this and is there a fix for it ?
There may not be restore points for the system disk on the new drive.

When you transfered from the old 20 gig to the new 120 gig did you remove the old drive afterwards?

Windows XP does not like having 2 system disks in the same computer. It's best to remove the original HD after you transfer the system.

Windows establishes restore point on all the HD's but if it's not sure which drive is really the system disk it may not have set restore points on the new drive. If it hasn't been too long you can go back to the original HD and start over.

Go tot he windows help under start and select the restore bullet and check the restore settings.


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Try turning the windows restore service completely off then on again. if that fails, you can do this to reinstall it:

1. In My Computer, click the Tools menu -> Folder Options.
2. On the View tab, make sure to check the option "Hide extensions for
known file types".
3. Click OK.
4. Click the Start menu -> Run. Type "%windir%\inf" (Without quotation
marks) in the Open field. Click OK.
5. Locate and select the file "sr.inf". Right-click it and then click


Dr Who131 - first off if you turned system restore off and then renabled it and you had any restore points left - you don't anymore! That procedure is used to delete all restore points.

If you go Start, right click on My Computer and select Properties and then the System Restore tab - it will tell you if system restore is enabled and what drives it is monitoring. This will tell you if it is in fact monitoring your new drive.

System restore points are saved in the System Volume Information (SVI) folder which is a hidden folder, so you have to "unhide" protected operating system file folders using folder options on your hard drive.

If you have not turned off and back on your system restore (which deleted all restore points) - post back with what you have found on the System Restore tab and in the SVI folder and we might be able to help you more.

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