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system power usage

Got a question for you. im looking it up as much as i can on hte net but i dont have time to do it all since im at work at the same time LOL.

so i ask here to see if anyone knows.

im totaling up power to see if i can change over a server

current server is
amd 2800 64
asus K8N4-E delux
1gb ddr
LOL 14hdd's (dont ask LOL)
gigabit nic and one dvd rom

I am thnking about moving it over to a P3 system
its just a file server with max of 4 users. and processes some torrents.
same amount of hdd's
and ram just motherboard and CPU difference.
it would be a p3 1ghz cpu.

any ideas on what one would use less power?
P3 system will use less. A reality check is to look at the sze of the HSF required it tells the whole heat story. P3 HSF is tiny compared to the current ones.
good site. down side is that it does not have the p3 CPU of 1.13.

hmm well with the lowest p4 cpu its just 10 watts less. but it would be intresting to see what the p3 would use.

if there are redundant powersupplys in the case. do they take up extra power?
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From a review at SharkyExtreme

The Pentium III 1GHz is manufactured using Intel's .18 micron six metal layer process. It uses a fluorine-doped SiO2 (SiOF) dielectric for reduced capacitance. Its 106mm^2 die, 4mm^2 larger than the AMD Athlon 1GHz, packs in 28-million transistors. It runs at 1.7V and dissipates 33W of power, which compares to 1.8V and 60W of power for the AMD Athlon 1GHz.

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