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System Mechanic 4


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Hello everyone,
I was wondering if any of you have used System Mechanic 4, Hot Utilities Software. I bought this sometime ago but never got around to using it. I think I may have gotten it from WorldStart! Any comments bad or good?
Re: Sys Mech 4

I must say I really like that application a lot. Does a lot of good things. Some things are useless but thats what I always use.


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Re: Sys Mech 4

Thanks for the feed back. Is there anything in particular that I should avoid doing or using in the program, I dont want to make things worse than when I started?


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Re: Sys Mech 4

Wow, was just looking on the web at reviews for this product. Most people say run from this program , it tottally screwed up there computers, while a couple say that it is excellent. I checked half dozen different review sites and most were negative. It looks like it either works great or kills your computer, no center ground. I'm not sure if its worth the risk or not. Does anyone else have any stories about System Mechanic4?


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Re: Sys Mech 4

I used to use it, then I got crap cleaner. System mechanic mostly has things already in your pc integrated with it. I never really cared for it that much. I found it to be a resource lover and at times would crash. There were some features on it though ..


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renamed Thread title

I have to agree, that this program should be avoided. There isn't really anything you can do with this program that you can't do within Windows, or with other freeware apps.
Hmm I really liked it. Yeah there is a lot of things that windows can do instead of using it. Just takes less time. I used it for a junk cleaner, reg cleaner, and removing programs from starting up.

All my computers have never had any issues with it at all. People used this app a lot of times cause their computer is so messed up already they just give it not the greatest review.
Thanks will have to take a look at that then. I did not know of any other apps out there that did all that. Either way I had no issues, but the people here are the pros.


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I used it for about 2 weeks then I started having issues. I liked what it did when it worked properly, but then I found CrapCleaner. No need for the Sys. Mechanic any longer. What's nice about CC is that it's not a full install program. You just open it when you need it.

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