System Manufacturer, Model....Change value?

Hey guys, on my newly built PC, I recently brought up my system information in Windows. Under System Manufacturer and Model, it has generic values. How can I change these variables? Not important, I know...I'm just a bit **** about some things... ;)

They are stored in the bios by the system manufacturer. Windows, Sandra, etc) just reads them out. Some of the better after market MB will allow you to customize the info most will not. Check your bios options, but don't get your hopes up.

Option B is to find a hacked bios that works with your MB that will let you change the info. Risky at best.

Option C is to try the Award Bios Editor. I have not tried this and make no warantee that it won't trash your bios....

On the other hand let me know if it works.

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