System Manufacturer in system properties.


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In XP, on the system properties under the general tab; you can have the words Manufactured and Supplied By: then a custom logo.

Does anybody know which registry key controls this?

Also, at least no1 can tell me to search the forums now :) there isn't anything to search!!
Afaik, it's not in the registry at all. At least on win9x it was in two files, oemlogo.bmp (the image) and oeminfo.txt or .inf or something similar. They are somewhere in the windows directory Just make them and copy them to the right place and they will show up.


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I don't currently have anything there on my pc, it's just ive seen it on dell pc's etc and wondered how to do it. Any idea where these files go specifficly? As they aint there for me to replace.


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They are located in the system32 dir within the windows dir and called oeminfo.ini and oemlogo.bmp. If they are not there i could email you the oeminfo.ini if you want, so you can change it to what you want.
If you have a Dell system, you can download the zip file for these at :

Extract the oemlogo.bmp and oeminfo.ini files to the Windows/system32 directory. You'll need to edit the oeminfo,ini file to add your service tag number and express service code for your specific machine.


I didnt realize this was here in Operating Systems... my bad

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could someone post, or mail me oeminfo.ini. i'd rather change it myself then have a program do it for me. PM for email addy. thanks.

also: good to have the users back :)


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Manufacturer= Pat-O-Matic Computer Mfg.

Model= Pat-O-Matic 4000

[support information]

Line1 = "Support Information Here"
Line2 = Call somebody other than us. Tech support is expensive!
Line3 = Seriously.
Line4 = We mean it!

taken from TechTV


...will circle this city
ahhh delish thanks. i remember seeing that episode of the ScreenSavers. we only get it in canada if you order it, not even on digital cable. man that was a while ago. well thanks Geffy

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