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System locks up on heavy network activity



I'm still fighting the lock up problem that I've reported to only have in NTFS, I'm back running ntfs again, and I've done a few things to "fight the freeze".

I've disabled the w32time service, as it only reports warnings in the event log after it times out, I also disabled the indexing service.

For over a week the computer ran without freezing, with an uptime of 9 days +. However, during this period I never attempted to d/l any large files and high speeds, as I was always either in class or at work.

Over the weekend, I've been on the comp a bit, and while downloading a large file, a freeze hits me (when I woke up this morning, comp had froze at 200KB/sec).

I've attached a shot of the conflicts in my system, I know xp has the irq sharing (or does it?), but I'm not really sure where to start on troubleshooting this, could the NIC be to blame?
Some PCI cards are allergic to IRQ sharing (badly made). Try yanking out the sound card for instance as some sound cards have this problem. Could be the NIC as well.


Yea, I was thinking that this morning, but had to leave for class, about to leave for work...

However, I got home from class early enough to give a few things a go.

Disabled ACPI, did a repair install of windows to make it take effect, and dropped agp down to 2x from 4x.

Funny thing happened, back in april i'd say, my idle temps suddenly started reporting WAY freakin' low, instead of low 50's, it said low 30's, and load was still normal, high 50's at the time, it's back to normal now after disabling ACPI, trying to remember if that's around the same time that I originally enabled it..

So if things go alright, gonna queue up some larger files off college xdcc servers and see if it'll hold up unlike last-night.

Oh, and after doing all this, the only thing sharing an IRQ (11's shared now instead of 5), is the 2 usb controller hubs, and the NIC. If it works out well, then I'll re-enable agp 4x to see what happens.


Got home from work, comp still up and running, server running fine, all files that were queued up (about 1 gig worth) had finished d/ling), just re-enabled agp 4x, lesse if it still holds.

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