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System locking up and crashing


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ok so...i recently formatted my HD, converted it to NTFS and reinstalled a fresh copy of WinXP Pro + SP1
as soon as i had XP installed i began installing software and updating drivers.
i have 2 video cards (one which i dont use, nVidia TNT2) and the latter being a Radeon 7000 64MB which i've had for
awhile and never had problems, so now here is the problem. on my new system, whenever i run ANY 3d application, be a screensaver or game
the applciation will freeze my computer and after like 5seconds just crash and restart my system!
i tried lowering the hardware acceleration to no success
help would be GREATLY appreciated

WinXp Pro + SP1
30GB Maxtor HD
Pentium 3 866


Graphic Designer
What type of cooling-solution have your ATi ?
What drivers are you currently using ?

Specify your mobo ..

temporary solution
1. Do you have SP1a installed ?
2. Try that device on another machine .
3. Try using the latest drivers & Directx9.0
1). Any chance you installed nvidia drivers and then did not completely uninstall them before installing the Radeon?

If so www.guru3d.com "detonator destroyer".

2). Did you install the latest motherboard chipset drivers before you installed the Radeon drivers?

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