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system has issues with starting Windows 7?


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Ok, so the topic is kind of hard to explain. Here is what happens:
When I start my system, it says "Disk boot Error, Insert system disk and press enter"
Now I don't know what that is about, but because of this, I can't start Windows.
Now, if before I let it do "normal" boot, I go into my mobo's boot options and tell it to start the correct hard drive, it will do it just fine.
So without my intervene, it can't start.
I looked up about bootrec and tried the automatic version 3 times now and the result still comes back to square 1. When I did the instructions about bootrec, I tried using the /rebuildbcd and when it finds the disk, it says "Element not found"
Does anyone have any idea what is going on?


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Did you try putting the Windows Seven install disk and see what it does? It almost sounds like something got deleted that shouldn't have. Worst case scenario is that you will have to do reformat..

bush dogg

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The disk boot error will happen if…

The motherboard battery is dying and the bios are not getting saved.
The cable to the harddrive has come loose or went bad.
The harddrive is dying.

I would start with a new mobo battery and check the cables to the drive “disconnect and reconnect…if this don’t work replace the cable.
Still have the problem then run the manufactures utilities to test the drive.

One thing I just remembered, I’ve had this happen if the floppy drive went bad so if you have a floppy drive disconnect it and see what happens.


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@Johnny: I'm trying to avoid that final option. But yes, I did do the win 7 install disk to use the startup repair.

@bush dogg: Hmmm...
1: all the hard drives come out clean except for 1 and that is warning me that it believes the hard drive is dying because of many bad sectors it has according to the linux live disk. Would just that report stop the system? Its not the drive with Windows on it.
2: I'll try the cables thing and see what happens.
3: I don't think its the battery. I'm pretty sure I'd be losing my time quite a bit if it was.

@Zerohour: Nope, The other 2 posts are getting what I'm talking about.

Come to think of it...
Long while back, I had to replace my video card when it died. When I did so, It couldn't start windows XP because of the same error. But when doing the boot setup to force start the drive, it wouldn't find the OS anyways so I figured something was wrong in the first place.


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If you have question about the bad drive stopping your boot, disconnect it and see. The worst thing that will happen is it'll still error and then you just have to hook the drive back up.


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Sorry I wasn't able to respond. I went away for the holidays.
So apparently, as weird as this is, It was because it went to my Sata 4 slot and considered it as the "main" sata drive. After unhooking all 3 and making sure the main one was in sata 1 that contained Windows 7, the system started just fine. Plugged the other slots in and it still worked.
Thanks all!


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lol true, but its interesting that my board didn't know how to handle it UNTIL I made sure the drive was the only one that was there.

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