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System failure


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I'm not sure what's happened to my PC, but it seems to me that everytime I run Half-Life (CS) my system, crashes?
I don't get a blue screen or any error message coz the screen just goes blank and my monitor LED shows that there's no input from the box. The fans keep spinning but that's pretty much it.
I can't be certain that HL is causing this problem since it only started to happen today.
I have a feeling that it's a Windows problem more than anything.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem like mine?


I had a problem just like that, age of mythology kept freezing like one minute into the game.

I updated my video and sound cards.


OSNN Advanced
I found out what the problem was after playing SimCity4 with winamp running in the background. What happened was that the screen goes blank making me think the system crashed, but winamp was still running just fine in the background. As a result of this, I'm pretty sure that it's to do with my graphics card - and hey guess what?! the bloody fan on the gpu isn't spinning very fast. :(

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