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Don't know if this is the right place for this problem but here we go.
Everything was working fine then all at once a message appeared "the system is recovering from a serious error" after checking all my hardware and re-installing xp I still get the same message but everything runs ok.Anyone got any idea's as to what is going on???
Could you give us an idea about
1. Your hardware
2. frequency of error
3. At what stage does the error occurs (i.e. after starting an application, or after closing an application??)
And perhaps mention what, if any, background bits and pieces you have running (anti-virus, firewall etc.)

ta ta

TOK:) :confused: :)
Sorry about that my system is:-

Pentium 4 1.6 gig
384 MByte 133 sdram
80 gig hard drive
nvidia gforce3 ti 200
cd rewriter (sony)

The only background activities are sygate personal firewall and c-media mixer,both of which have been running since I have had xp.

This problem happens as soon as the boot up finishes.I don't have to start any programs.

I have read on windows xp newsgroups (from help and support) that I am not the only one with this problem.It seems that this report has somehow got stuck and won't delete.
What happens if you go into safe mode, does it still happen?
You could also try selective startup, and try skipping some of the more bizar drivers/software.
Only a thought.!.
I've asked a freind of mine to have a look, he'll be back to you shortly.
check your even viewer and tell us what the last failed events were in the system, application, and service tabs are, if there is a error it will be listed in event viewer so you can narrow it down
I have seen this ! it was an issue with a soundblaster live. Have you got one ?
I have resolved the problem,it was left behind from an update that went wrong,there is nothing wrong with my system.
I got rid of it by
(1)disable error reporting

(2)Disable virtual memory.TAKE A NOTE OF YOUR SETTINGS FIRST

(3) reboot

(4)Re-enable virtual memory.Use the settings you noted down earlier.

(5)reboot and make sure that the paging file is now active.

(6)Re-enable error reporting.

(7)reboot and make sure that the error message has now gone.


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