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i have been there. ive read all the posts and some sites that they had posted. ive read the help files and i just dont understand how this kinda stuff works. for some reason i just cant grasp the concept of ports and tcp and that other crap.


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i have indeed been to that site and it helped a great deal but how do i know what kind of rules to set.

do i need to make advanced rules in the first place? or are the rules of just allowing something access fine?


The advanced rules tab is what I use to block specific IP addresses. That is all I ever used it for. If you have no need to block a specific IP then you really don't need to mess with it. I use Kazaa and I visit this site quite often for his bad IP list. That is about all I have ever messed with the advanced rules tab. Hope this helps somewhat.


im not sure how to do this in sygate's firewall and the only reason i am using sygate at the moment is bcuz kerio was giving me some really weird problems.

anyways as you know kerio is more of a rules based firewall and in chat programs such as yahoo or msn, i was able to filter IP addresses according to ports for example Instant Messages in Yahoo came through on port 5101 and i would have to permit whenever there was something coming thru on port 5101 where as with sygate once you click yes or no its done and dealt with it seems which is cool but i like the ability where certains ports for a program is not just auto blocked or allowed based on the initial response to the first time the program asks for permission.

any suggestions on how i can set this up so that unless i keep click yes/no or allow/deny permission that transmission for a certain port for a particular program isnt allowed unless i give it?


all you have to do is run default settings - when it asks for a specfiis to ax the net and you don't want it to just say no ...

also block Netbios ;)

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