Sygate PRO problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dlovely, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. Dlovely

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    I have cable modem service, upload was weird so i checked it, it was a whopping 56kbps upload lol with 560kbps down. anyway after much frustration, i exited sygate pro and boom it was fine so im guessing thats part of the problem. so i uninstall sygate, reinstall it and bam same problem. it still has my info on there so apparently it didn't uninstall all of it or there is something still there in the registry. i wanna delete all of it and start over otherwise i'll be forced to use zonealarm. any suggestions?
  2. Dlovely

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    well i got it sorta fixed, zonealarm pro i guess is my new firewall until i can fix the sygate nonsense. now instead of 60-70kbps upload im up around 900 and i can tell but i still would rather have the sygate.
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    I recommend that:

    1. You don't use sygate - Use XP's ICS even on WinXP- Win98 server to slave systems.

    2. You don't use ZoneAlarm use Norton Internet Security, I had nothing but problems until I changed over.