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Switching to Linux


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I have been dual booting WinXP and Ubuntu for awhile now, I have been thinking about switching just to linux. I have some questions, or I know I will before I do it. The first one is, the whole open office, I haven't really checked it out but I'm sure it's a different save format then .doc (or soon to be .docx).

If I need to make a document and save it and sent it too a windows or mac computer with Microsoft Office, will they be able to read it and print it?


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Well... I was going to try and stay using Linux, I even thought I'd like to get rid of Windows.... There are still just to many obstacles to get things done in Linux.. For one I can't seem to keep firefox running in Linux. It crashes after about three weeks.. I dunno why but it does and then the only way to get it back is a fresh install. As for the progarm 'wine', I heard if the program wasn't designed to work with wine, good luck... :( I haven't been able to get any programs to work with Wine... I've messed with 'GimP' but it quite diffirent then PS so it's more difficult then learning to use PS.. :) So for now I'll just stay the way I've got things.. Dual booting Windows and Linux.. :)


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Yes, and v2.0 is pretty good with compatibility, the only real problem is with either heavily formatted word docs with tables, etc or graphs in excel, OO doesn't seem to like those very much.

As for Photoshop, depending upon what you do, Thegimp can be a good alternative.

I've ran Linux as my main desktop for 4 years now.


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I have checked out Gimp, and I have to say I have been using PS too long, cause I don't know how to use Gimp at all, plus I don't think alot of the tools I use in PS are there.

Good to hear that the whole office thing can work, one problem fixed. The only programs I can't seem to switch to another alternative is Flash, Dreamweaver and Photoshop, which I have read of ways to get them to run, but also heard people having problems doing so.

What is xara xtreme?
it's a pretty sweet graphics program... I prefer GIMP though, also if this is your only comp, then I would suggest to keep it dual booting. Usually I noticed that most photoshop users will not settle for anything less, and on Linux, you won't get it running as fast as it should be.

Wine works, but its best for smaller apps. Bigger aps (ie photoshop) will take forever to work and it is somewhat unreliable :(

If you had another comp, then that would be great to have one with linux and the other with windows but right now I think dual boot is the best for you :)
Bman™ said:
programs I can't seem to switch to another alternative is Flash, Dreamweaver and Photoshop,
Answering the above question. There are plenty of alternatives to Dreamweaver available for Linux, however most of them dont work as well in the wysiwyg department not as good as DW at least. Flash, your going to have issues with... I have never needed to find a linux alternative for the program but I have not heard of one either tho. As for Photoshop, this all depends on your needs. If its simple editing / manipulation TheGIMP will do - however if it starts to get a little more professional you may need to hunt around.

Like the others suggest, remain a dual-boot just now. A good idea would be to make Linux the default boot partition, that way if you turn the PC on and walk away it will boot into Linux first with no intervention. This way you will find yourself using Linux more often without giving up the Windows partition. If you find yourself booting into Windows from the Grub/Lilo screen then you might find it better to remain in Windows.


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I was waiting for that, my career is Web/Graphic design, so it's more then just editing images...Yea I'll dual boot, till I have a second computer or whatnot.



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I think otherwise, you need to know code, but programs like Dreamweaver provide a way to finish jobs faster and better.
yes and no... dreamweaver leads to lazyness which leads to SLOWER site production :D

(i have to admit though, dreamweaver comes in handy to create complex tables every now and then :p)


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yea i was going to install that, but relised I only have a 4 gb hardrive to run ubuntu on...so yea cant do that till i get a new hard drive
Wine is unreliable and still rather unstable. I would seriously recommend you didnt switch on the reliability of Wine for your professional work! It is just no where near the usability of the native Win32 applications.

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