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I'm trying to get settings back to my pc since yesterday and this is my problem :
when i want to open search window i'm getting an error like this :
" File needed to start search companion not found . you may run setup ( what setup ?? ) . And when i'm connected to internet works fine . I must say that yesterday when i was connected i was searching for somebody in my local network and my pc stopped responding and i restarted then , since then i receive that error and when i'm online works fine .
Not system restore is the solution . A setting has changed and must be undo' . Thank's for all your contribution .

Dirk Diggler

Try this it might help:-

Open Explorer, go to \windows\inf and find 'srchasst.inf'. Right click on it and select 'install'. You may be asked to put your Windows XP install disk in to find some files.


File search problem...

I'm having EXACTLY the same problem as Cosmin - for some weird reason searching for files on my computer now only works when I'm connected to the Internet.

" File needed to start search companion not found. You may need to run setup."

It's happened to me before, but in that case the system file checker seemed to fix it. Trying that today didn't work.


I've tried looking for the .INF file Dirk Diggler spoke of ('srchasst.inf') - but can't find it. Can anyone give me some idea as to where this file is, or should be - I don't have a /windows/inf folder for starters. I'm using Win XP professional and I can't find this file in either my Windows folder or on the Windows CD.

Thanks in advance.


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You don't see that folder(inf) cause that's hide ( must unhide ' ) . The file looks like that : srchasst - before it : SR.PNF and behind : srrchasst.PNF . You must find it ! Tell me if you found it cause i'll give you then some more details .


OK, thanks Cosmin - I found the file 'srchasst', right-clicked and selected 'Install'. It then asks for a file 'msgr3en.dll' from the Windows XP disk. I can't find this file on the Windows XP disk!


Do you have any suggestions?


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Hehe , same problem as me , you must browse all the XP cd . You want to find alone that file ? . Browse all the cd and the file will be found alone . Good luck ;)


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I don't understand exacly what problem have with that file . I was browsing the cd and that file ( needed ) was installed with success . [ No , not find alone , try my method twice and i'm sure you'll be lucky ]


It is there - I found it. The files installed OK, hopefully that will fix my search problem when I'm next offline.

I also found a 'workaround' at the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

(Error Message: "A File That Is Required to Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found" (Q315330)....

If internet filtering software or an ISP redirector is corrupting the files and you cannot change this, you can make the three files that are involved read-only after they have been repaired. This will not disrupt your search, but you will no longer get any updates. To do this, navigate to the following folder in Windows Explorer:
Right-click each of the following files and then click Properties . Select Read-only , and then click OK .
Lclsrch.xml "

I haven't tried it myself yet, but I may if the problem persists. Clearly I have some files related to the Search Companion that are being corrupted from time to time.

Thanks for your help Cosmin.

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